Studio CNIP was founded in 2013. The choice of the field of activity fell precisely on the advertising and souvenir and exhibition, because at present it is a developed and diverse niche in which there is always room for creativity and development. In the profession I am attracted by the variety of tasks to be solved, the possibility of implementing creative concepts and, of course, communication with colleagues and partners - so different and unrepeatable.

Due to many years of experience, we present in detail the entire business process from beginning to end, which allows us to make the right decisions for the development of the company.

Colleagues and partners, you and I have got a delightfully interesting side of business. Let's treat it with proper respect, include imagination and create magnificent projects together!

From Idea to Realization since 2013

Director Executive Olga Isaak prides her company on delivering creative solutions, whilst sensibly answering the brief, and understanding the practicalities of how exhibition stands are built, and used.   


Always in touch, Olga Isaak

г. Жуковский, ул. Мичурина, дом 7/13, офис 4